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Darrin James Band on Facebook - Like me, if that's your thing. - Yes, I am still on myspace. - Click to view EPK - Balkan funk band that I play guitar in. I also recorded our debut self titled album. It's fun, beautiful music. - Talented Ann Arbor based trumpet player that is on many of my new recordings. He's involved in a lot of cool local projects. - Dan Bennett and Tim Haldeman, form the backbone of this killer horn section I've got on my new recordings, many still unreleased. - My skilled mix engineer who helped me turn my home recordings for Thrones of Gold into a broadcast quality rock album.  - Jordan Shapiro, who plays keys with Darrin James Band fronts this all acoustic “new-grass” ensemble on guitar. Dennis Lichtman (mandolin) and Tim Kiah (bass) also appear on my album, Thrones of Gold, so check it out. - Stuart Bogie put together a tight horn section "The Lovely Ugly Truth," and tears it up on a variety of reed instruments. You can also catch him with Arcade Fire, Antibalas, and his regular band, Superhuman Happiness. Check it out! - One of my favorite musicians - a super talented sax player, he plays that rippin' solo on "Had Enough of Me." Colin has played with the likes of Tom Waits, Arcade Fire, Bon Iver.. - Jeff Lipton at Peerless in Boston mastered "The Lovely Ugly Truth." - Tom Hutton at Bionic Mastering mastered “Thrones of Gold.” - Ariana Abud designed the cover art for The Lovely Ugly Truth and Bombs Away - We've done a lot of shows with Bill Bell over the years. He's a multi-talented musician, singer, and songwriter. He sings backup on the title track on "The Lovely Ugly Truth."  - One  of the first venues in NYC to give me my own night.  A loyal and friendly Lower East Side dive bar with a cozy back room, good sound, and great music. - When I was in Belize in 2004 I picked up this album called Paranda, which is like the Buena Vista Social Club of Belizean music. I fell in love.